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Nippon Kendai has selected and imported different high-quality products around the world for you and your cared ones. Our products are manufactured in GMP-certified plants and of top-notch quality and safety.

Important information regarding the Japan Nuclear / Radiation Concern


Every batch of Glagold®, Mikei®UE-1®Tenken® and Nissan® must comply with the Japan government standards to conduct test analysis on their formula and heavy metals to ensure the product quality. In addition, prior to their release to Hong Kong market, we further strictly require the Japan Food Research Laboratories to certify that each batch of our product does not contain any radioactive nuclides such as “Cesium-137”, “Cesium-134” and “Iodine-131”. Upon arrival in Hong Kong, the products will be inspected and sampled for radiation level testing by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, after they pass the examination the goods will be released to the market.

Please be rest assured that our products are safe and unaffected. We will continue to monitor our products to ensure the safety of our customers.



We provide top-quality products to the healthcare industry and the public.

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