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Fish Oil + Fish Peptides  - synergy of whole fish nutrients

Fish Oil is good, however it is not good enough. Studies show that prolonged or excessive consumption of fish oil may increase the level of bad cholesterol LDL. Adding fish peptides to fish oil combine the advantages of these 2 and hence providing a greater protective effect on cardiovascular health.

molval metabolic 850 features

A 11-year clinical study had tested the use of Molval Metabolic 850® (contains fish oil and patented bioactive fish peptides Liquamen®) on patients and it showed positive effect on ALL parameters of lipid profile1:
  • ↓ Bad fat
  • ↑ Good fat
  • Reduce thickness of inner walls of blood vessels (IMT)
  • Reduce circulatory pressure

This results not only confirms the value of Molval Metabolic 850® supplementation in the maintenance of cardiovascular health, but also ensures its tolerance and safety when combined with a suitable diet.

With synergistic biologic effect of Liquamen® peptides plus fish oil containg DHA & EPA, Molval Metabolic 850® demonstrated improvement in carotid IMT (Intima- Media Thickness, which may imply plaque formation in vessels), total fat and circulatory pressure even with lesser fish oil content2.

Below is the summary of differences between ordinary fish oil and Molval Metabolic 850®

fish oil vs molval metabolic 850

1. M. Cloarec, P400 supplementation on metabolic syndrome risk factors. Summary of studies. Conducted by National Association of Medical Prevention, Paris, France;  Tenon Hospita, Saint Antonie U teaching hospital, Pierre et Marie CURIE U, Paris, France. March 2007.
2. M. Cloarec et al., Comparative study of the dietary supplment P400 on changes in carotid wall intima media thickness in a high cardiovascular risk population. From 1998 to 2001.



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